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This is not a food blog. 

Here, Eat This is a series of recipes that I write, test, and eat in my tiny kitchen in Burlington, Vermont. Think of it as an online cookbook, one that is constantly being updated and added to. 

You'll find delicious recipes for food you actually want to eat. You'll find photographs that I took to showcase the recipes I write. All of the recipes in Here, Eat This are gluten and nut free. Many of them are vegetarian. They are not "health food", but they include lots of vegetables and are generally good for you. 


You will not find blog posts. You will not have to wade through paragraph after paragraph updating you on my life, or reading about extra zany grocery store trips! I don't have kids and I will not tell you about how cute my dog is.


This is not a food blog. 



Hunter H. 

Writer, Photographer, Teacher, Eater

I am not a chef. I do cook a ton, and I do really, really love food. In high school, I was diagnosed with seven different food allergies. Being able to eat out or order pizza everyday became a non-option, so I either had to learn to cook or starve. 


This is a collection of recipes that I am constantly writing and revising and cooking and eating. Mostly eating. It's important to me that the food I publish is the food that I actually eat. These recipes truly are my weeknight staples. 

Outside of not being a chef, I am a high school P.E. teacher and a rock climbing coach. I promised not to bore you with personal details, so if you want to know more about me, shoot me an email. 


I do collaborations, small scale catering, and a limited amount of personal chef work. Need a photographer? I'm your girl.

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